Foot Posture and Orthotics

The foot is the first body part to contact the ground with most sports and activities. Your “Foot Posture” can determine how well you move or how likely you are to have pain or injury. Sometimes our feet need help to change positions or support us. A foot orthotic can be that outside support when your feet can’t do it by themselves.
Who needs them?

Orthotics are made to support the foot. Problems at the feet can affect the rest of the body through the Kinetic Chain, but only if there are problems at the feet. Therefore, anybody that has poor Foot Posture, pain standing or moving, pain in the feet, or pain somewhere else in the body resulting from foot problems benefit from foot orthotics. If you are not sure- ask your Doctor or PT. We will look for the cause and effect from your feet to your pain or problems.

Why Panther Physical Therapy?

Because we do not just hand you an orthotic and say see you later. We do a full body evaluation, then create a full treatment plan utilizing other functional treatment strategies to help you heal. It is not just about the device, it is about how well your entire body works and the way your body works with the device.

What type of Orthotic do I need?

There are many types of Foot Orthotics. We use two types primarily at Panther PT:

  1. Custom Foot Orthotics:
    These are the premium way to correct your foot’s dysfunctions. The orthotics we use are 100% customized to you- no off of the shelf modifications or pre-stocked shells. We customize them to your needs based on your foot flexibility, body weight and activity. The Custom Foot Orthotics last longer, typically 2-10 years, and we guarantee a perfect fit.
  2. “Prefabs”, also known as Over the Counter or Prefabricated inserts:
    These are like the ones you can buy at REI or a good running store. The magic is in the evaluation and instructions on how to wear them or what else you need to do to treat your body. These are much less expensive, but not a customized fit or control to your foot’s needs. However, many times this is all of the help your foot needs to clean up its act. They typically last 4 months to a year depending on use.

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