Medical/Rehabilitative Massage Therapy

Panther Massage Therapy offers a Medical/Rehabilitative Treatment. The goal of this important treatment is to assist in creating lasting benefits of specific conditions. Often this type of massage therapy is an adjunct to our patients ongoing physical therapy. Some conditions commonly seen include: post-surgical shoulder, hip, neck and back rehabilitation, as well as other common strains and sprains. Many of our patients and their doctors recommend this valuable type of soft-tissue work following a motor vehicle accident or after an injury that has occurred at work. Headaches, backaches, foot problems, and jaw pain are just a few more examples of how Panther’s Medical/Rehabilitative Massage Therapy Treatments can help you. These sessions are individually designed to address the specific needs of each patient’s body. We often consult with the physical therapist and/or the patient’s referring physician to most appropriately treat the problem. Schedule an Appointment


Relaxation/Stress Reduction Massage Therapy

Panther Massage Therapy approaches the needs of our patients in many different ways. Sometimes our patients don’t need or desire a rehabilitative type treatment and simply want to relax and de-stress. We completely understand the value and connection of the mind and body to one another. Therefore, we provide relaxation-based treatments for those times when our patient’s mental and physical well-being calls for a simpler approach. We simply feel that our knowledge of the body and our extensive experience allows us to do this far better than most “massage in a box” type facilities. Schedule an Appointment


Sports Massage Therapy

Panther Sports Massage Therapy is designed for the active (but not necessarily competitive) athlete looking to keep their bodies tuned for the next training session or competition. This type of treatment is often more general and doesn’t address major physical complaints in extensive detail.   The goal of Panther Sports Massage Therapy is to address areas of need and to assist in the body’s natural healing processes. If it is determined that there exists some tissue dysfunction that requires more thorough attention, then the patient will be advised of how a medical/rehabilitative treatment could be of benefit. Schedule an Appointment