Severe Neck and Back Pain, Especially When Accompanied By “Nerve Pain” Can Be a Very Miserable Existence.

Many individuals do not realize that physical therapists are well versed in treating neck and back pain. They often feel like they need to go a chiropractor or even a surgeon to get their spine pain addressed. Though there are many excellent chiropractors, there are also a lot that cut corners and perform “adjustments” without a thorough evaluation first. This “shotgun” approach sometimes works, but also can result in damage, sometimes even permanent damage.

Our physical therapists will take a thorough history, perform a comprehensive physical exam, and will use that information to construct an appropriate treatment plan. This plan will not only focus on abolishing your pain and optimizing your function in the short term, but also will include a long-term maintenance plan to maximize the chances of avoiding re-injury. We need to address the cause of your pain, not just treat the symptoms!