Stop Chasing Pain

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a full-body evaluation that looks for problems rather than just chasing pain. We look at the entire Kinetic Chain (head-to-toe) and evaluate for mobility (flexibility) or stability (strength) issues. The SFMA starts with full body motions and breaks them down into individual movement and tissue restrictions. We look for the real causes (“culprits”), and treat those along with your complaint (“victims”). We don’t want to chase the pain, but find out why your body is hurting. We prioritize these findings to make you better.

Why is it different than a regular evaluation? We look at the whole picture, not just the part that is hurting. This makes us look at areas that do not usually hurt, but have a huge impact on your injury or pain. The test also has checks and balances that help us to not miss anything. We want to treat your local pain, but look globally for the reason why you are injured in the first place. The SFMA also produces a powerful treatment plan that allows for hands on treatment as well as a logical strategy for corrective exercises. For example, if you are having knee pain, the SFMA will find where the knee is breaking down. It can be because of tightness or weakness at the hip, ankle, back, shoulder, or anywhere in the Kinetic Chain.

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