This is What We Do Best!

Panther has built our stellar reputation in the community helping injured athletes of all ages return to their sport, usually in better shape than their pre-injury status. Listed below are some common non-operative conditions that we commonly treat:

  • Post-Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Overuse Shoulder/Elbow Injuries in Repetitive Overhead Athletes: baseball/softball pitchers, quarterbacks, tennis players, volleyball hitters, and swimmers
  • Shoulder Dislocations/AC Joint Separations/Clavicle Fractures
  • Common Pediatric Overuse Injuries: Osgood Schlatter’s, Sever’s, Sinding-Larsen Johansson, “Little Leaguer’s elbow and shoulder”, and other growth plate injuries.
  • Chronic Tendon Injuries: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis/shoulder bursitis, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, and patellar tendonitis
  • Chronic Injuries from Distance Running, Road Cycling, and Mountain Biking
  • Foot/Ankle Sprains and Fractures
  • Sports-Related Back and Neck Pain
  • Muscle Strains: hamstring, groin and calf strains
  • Patello-Femoral Pain and Patellar Subluxations/Dislocations