Our Mission

We believe in the empowerment of others through an innovative systematic approach utilizing science based methods to optimize the pursuit of overall wellness, elite performance and injury resistance.


The Panther Experience

The Panther experience is one of teaching, demonstrating, and cueing vs. an experience where one would just listen to what they are told by a trainer. Working with one of our Performance Specialists is a unique experience in that you will be getting the best of a high-quality personal trainer, a strength and conditioning specialist, and a performance coach all in one!  All our Performance Specialists possess a college degree in Exercise Science and/or a related field, have performed a hands-on internship in their field for no less than 500 hours, and possess a nationally recognized certification. All coaches also go through an in-depth job training in Panther Performance Methodology. Our Performance Director and Performance Manager have both performed fellowships with EXOS formerly known as Athletes Performance in Phoenix, AZ. Utilizing their collective knowledge they have since developed Panther methodology. An all-inclusive program utilizing movement, strength, corrective exercise, and energy systems development to prepare you for whatever lies ahead. At Panther, you are molded into the best version of yourself through learning how to PERFORM at your best, PREVENT injury, and EVOLVE through specific training phases.

Whether you are looking to get in better shape the right way, or looking to increase your performance for your sport, Panthers’ Performance Specialists will have you conquering your goals and dominating on or off the field of play!


Our Background

The Panther Performance Team is experienced in training a wide-range of performance populations including:


  • Football (NFL)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Soccer (USL)
  • Volleyball (Club)
  • Rugby (Professional)
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Golf (Pro)
  • Track (Olympic)
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Softball
  • Ski/Snowboard
  • Swimming
  • Lacrosse


  • Firefighters
  • Police
  • Military/Special Forces
  • Wounded Warrior Project


  • Physique Competitors
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Adult Populations
  • Weight Loss Challenges


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